22. You know my feet are icy in winter. You always hold my feet with your hands and even put them in your arms. I can't pull them out even if I can. You always hold me tightly in your arms when I sleep at night, because your body is very hot, so I don't have to be afraid of the cold. I don't really like to kick the quilt when I sleep. You always wake up when I kick the quilt and cover me, Kiss my forehead again and continue to hold me to sleep. Sometimes I'm hungry and thirsty in the middle of the night. No matter how sleepy and cold you are, you'll get up immediately to take the food and drink for me. Looking at you, I'm full of love 23. I suddenly want to cut short hair. You like my long hair. Seeing how much I want to cut it, I agree. It's a long time to make my hair and color it. Apart from buying food for me, you never leave me again. When you see that I don't like that color, you are in a hurry: you can't shave your hair. I'll buy you a wig to wear. The owner's wife quickly reorganizes me until I show a smile 24. Your birthday is coming. This is our first birthday together. No one called. We found a small restaurant, ordered some dishes and wine, bought a small birthday cake and fireworks to celebrate your birthday. We had a very special day 25. When we are on the day shift, we will go for a walk in the playground after dinner. When we are tired, we will sit down and have a rest and talk about our work. You love watermelon very much. We go out to buy a watermelon on the street in the evening, and then go to the supermarket to buy a cold dish, beer and steamed bread. Then we find a place to have a delicious meal. Every time, we will say: it's good to eat